ROI, Gambling and Poker

By Maria McCoyGoogle
If you want to make money, then you need to invest. Furthermore, you need a return on that investment. The best way to make a return on your investment when gambling is choose a game that you can manipulate to gain a positive ROI.

The problem for most gamblers is that the reason the table games are available is because the odds are in favour of the provider, thus ROI in the punters favour is not the way the games have been designed.

Poker is one of the rare forms of gambling that it is possible to gain an ROI. That is if you are good at playing poker. You need to spot leaks, gain value, read your opponent’s physical tells, understand when you are not getting the right value to call, be able to calculate pot odds and know when enough is enough, so you can quit the game on a bad night. All these factors are based on the fact you are playing versus other players.

With the right skill, you can turn over a mega ROI in poker. The odds may be against you on the board, but the odds can be altered to swing in your favour.

For instance, Tom “Durrr” Dwan is a known aggressive poker player. He can be behind in any hand, and the physical odds, or shall I say the actual odds on the board are often against him because he loves putting pressure on his opponents through well thought out bluffs. However, when we look at the odds the bookmakers would put on him during the hand, based on skill you would still place a wager on Dwan to win the hand.

On the other hand, when it comes to casino table games, you are not playing against skill, nor do you have the chance to outsmart your opponent. Nonetheless, there is still some skill involved. Being sensible about the way you play is the first skill. There are so many wealthy businessmen that take huge risks every day in their jobs, but as soon as they walk through the casino door, they seem to leave all sense of the concept of ROI outside.

Understanding the odds of each table game and using your mathematical ability to overturn those odds is another skill. Yet, many casino goers don’t bother to take the time or the effort to learn these odds. Another important part of gambling is experience.

Despite this being an obvious advantage to walking out of a casino with an ROI, surprisingly many experienced players have not taken the time to understand the odds of the games they play in the casino.

With experience, you being to learn patterns. Some you remember through business like senses, and some you just pick up subconsciously. When our brains are exposed to particular patterns regularly, we being to spot danger points. It’s a natural process. Backed up the knowledge of odds, and you stand a higher chance of gaining an ROI.

Skill, the strategy that encourages sensible play, knowing the odds in order to choose the right table game, experience and learning patterns are all ways to make sure you gain positive ROI when you are grinding the poker and casino tables.

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