Rookie Come Pro Online Casino Player Nets 8 million

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The reported US citizen from a Hispanic background is reported to be a female player in her late twenties. She used multiple casino bonus codes to up her stakes and has been playing a secret system that has landed her and her family on USA’s rich list.

Due to privacy laws none of the online casinos hosting her multiple accounts have been able to disclose how much exactly she has won, or confirm exactly which casinos she has been playing at; however, we can confirm that she appears to have been playing on multiple platforms that are in partnership. With this kind of speculation it is fair to assume that she has been playing on the Microgaiming, NetEnt or NYX platforms or on the Amaya gaming platform, which is also linked with multiple casino platform providers.

News of her 1 year rise in the online gaming industry has already hit Vegas where bigwigs are looking into ways to lure the big money female Hispanic American mystery girl to the city of sins!

Her style is said to be something that online casino bosses have never seen before, which initially raised red flags. One casino boss has said “I don’t know about this story specifically, but it is an incredible story if it is true!’ he went on to say that “Online casino produce millionaires almost on a daily basis these days, mainly through jackpot slots and high stakes wagers that swing in favor of the player; however, this girl has no doubt raised the red flags because she was consistently winning on multiple games with no rhyme nor reason”.

He summed up by saying “Her style and consistent winning patterns and almost constant winning sessions will have made bosses suspicious – hacking the RNG codes or having some inside help are always areas casinos have to investigate when you have consistent winners, but in this young lady’s case, she passed all the red tape and is simply just a very smart gambler. It could happen to anyone, and I have been in the business a long time and there are many similar stories like this one – what makes this one special is the fact that she has apparently came from nothing”.

For a casino boss that says he doesn’t know much about this story, he sure seems to know more than us!

Today online casino bonuses are the biggest we have ever seen, and they are far more lucrative as well as regularly marketed to players. As a result, there has been a huge increase in online millionaires courtesy of the online casinos compared to the early days of 1994 when the first online casinos began to hit the World Wide Web.

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