Roulette makes a big come back in online casinos

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Roulette has been around for centuries. Even when you walk into a live casino, the game is found not just taking up the main position on the most lucrative parts of the main casino floor, but also around the edges of the floor in the form of electronic low to mid-stakes games either played in a robotic machine or via video screen options – its popularity on the live scene has never been in doubt.

However, with so many real money gaming options online today, it was becoming apparent that interest in the online version of the game was slowly declining.

Now the Roulette scene is booming, as it was when online real money gaming first became a popular hobby on the World Wide Web. In fact, there is no better time than now to play Roulette because the online casinos’ focused efforts on reestablishing interest in the game has been very successful indeed.

Microgaming came up with the concept of a new 8 wheel game. Players can bet on a single Roulette board and spin 8 different wheels. The way this works is that players place their bets. Next, they select the number of the wheels they wish to spin. The bet will be multiplied by the number of wheels selected. This means in essence a player can play up to 8 games at one time – something the more serious Roulette player will love as they can spin through their up and down variations much quicker.

Other new versions of Roulette have also been hitting the online scene via NetEnt and Amaya Gaming as they add new features to make the game of Roulette more modern.
Another problem was that Blackjack and other popular original casino games such as slots have constantly been going through modernization in terms of game play and added bonus features; while, it seems that Roulette was not getting as much attention. Luckily and inevitably the online casinos have noticed that Roulette was not getting its fair share of attention, and so now Roulette is changing to suit the demands of a modern and more tech savvy online real money community.

Furthermore, Roulette is now targeted heavily with some awesome online casino bonus codes that particularly target the game itself; thus, more and more online players are seeing the value in playing Roulette. Plus, the popular live dealer suites have croupiers on live web cam for those that like to play Roulette with the same look and feel as they would get in the casino, but instead directly from their own living room! 

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