Roulette Player's System Cracks Corner Bets, Spilt Bets and Straight Bets

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Using the odds of the various roulette a system has seen players run through the up and down swings of the number while making a sizeable profit.

In the end all roulette is supposed to give the house the edge, but if you are player that banks on a good system, you can get ahead. Playing online has always been the best way to play, as some of the live casinos can stop you re-betting the same option over and over again. This seems hardly fair and unsporting, but it has been known to happen.

Straight bets are the most difficult to get correct as there is only a 1 in 37 chance of hitting your number on a roulette table with one zero and 1 in 38 on a roulette table with two zeros. Brick and mortar casinos have been said to have been stopping some players from repeatedly betting the same number or upping the amount they on that number.

This is a sound strategy for some players, but obviously when the croupier announces you can’t choose that option you have a problem.

In online roulette players never get this problem, and so they go in with a big bank roll and a strategy. The players will, for example, bet on the number 35 and wait for it to miss thirty-five. Once the prospect doesn’t come in they double the bet for next 15 spins. This is a great tactic because if you miss the number 36 betting $10 on it at a time, you have lost $350, so you double up your bet on number 36 to $20. Low and behold, if the 36 rolls in after another 14 spins that cost the player $380. In total the wager is $730 and for a $20 win spin the player has just received 35 to 1 making $700 back with only $30 down.

If after 14 spins the player did not pull back a win, he/she will double up again to $40 a spin until the number hits. This seems crazy, and requires quite a hefty bankroll, but the idea is that the probability is now being run, and so your variation is being softened by small losses.

When returning to the roulette table for another session the player will run exactly the same tactic. Now they will obviously pick a number that is not advertised on the numbers screen, and run it all over again. Eventually, the number will come in quicker than the precious set of spins. The prospect is then around a $100 to $200 profit, and it works.
The disadvantages of this tactic have obviously been the amount of cash a player has bankroll this move, and some players have been trying it and running out of cash. Good bankroll management is required to pull of such a strategy.

Furthermore, for the less enthusiastic players of straight betting they can utilise a similar tactic on the corner bets and the split bets, but the odds are thinner in the long run. To do this some math would be required to calculate the ideal time to increase the stake, and of course the stake level to play according to the amount of casino cash a player has.

To kick start this tactic it is best to practise using a no deposit bonus code. Many players have been doing exactly the same thing for years. It’s free money, and when you win the cash back it dramatically reduces the play through attached to the casino bonus code. 

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