Roulette Winners Break the Bank

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Roulette’s game of chance is one that has been constantly under observation with a queue of gamblers who have all been in the line with one sole purpose; to crack the Roulette wheel using one of the many hundreds of strategies that are out there today.

One of the most well-known strategies is the Labourchere system that allows punters to limit their risks on the high stakes tables by not having to risk a fortune. It follows a system where the result of each bet determines the size of the next bet. This is as opposed to the Martingale system where you simply place even odds’ bets and double up the stake when you lose and keep the double bet when you win in order to ramp up the profit margins.

There have also been some more wayward versions of Roulette strategy that move away from the traditional mathematical theories. Probably the most bizarre was back in 1873. A Brit known as Joseph Jaggers exploited what must have been a misconfigured wheel that appeared to have a slant and so increased the odds of the ball landing in a particular section of the wheel where he and his team would lay the majority of their bets. Him and six other pros took advantage of this error and rinsed the table for over $325,000. Back in 1873 that was a huge chunk of money akin to around $32.5 million in today’s corporate economies.

8 years later an untold story emerged in which the casino’s obviously wanted to keep quiet, and had no answer to. The scene was set in a Monte Carlo Casino w here its Roulette tables were cleaned out by one man who took each Roulette table for all the money they had to offer. What’s amazing about this story is that the player broke the house advantage leaving the tables in the red. Charles Wells was known as a crook, but there was no proof as to how he managed to swindle every Roulette table in the casino.

An amazing story of red or black from 2004 has also been spread around the casino beat. Ashley Revell, yet another Brit, sold all his worldly possessions and amassed $135k. He then coolly walked into a Las Vegas casino and bet it all on red, to which the wheel replied Red 7 doubling his money. As to why he did this is still not known, but it was better than a day at the office for the young man.

Another interesting Roulette tactic has been to use the law of physics to dictate where the ball will land. Darren Brown waited 3 seconds for the wheel to turn before slapping down a £5000 straight bet on number 8 only for the ball to land in number 30. Well, number 30 on the Roulette wheel is the adjacent number. It’s a shame he wasn’t using neighbour bets commonly found on the European Roulette wheels, or this would have been a nice casino bonus for the member of public he contemplated the risk on behalf of. This method is known as ‘Cherry Picking’ and Mr Brown has been on several TV shows representing the theory.

It just goes to show there are ways of beating the Roulette board even though some are not conventional for online play, but there are others strategies will help any player who dares to take the jump and speculate to accumulate. In shirt, the best way to play Roulette is to have a strategy that you can adjust and adapt. If you find a no deposit bonus code, then sign up and use your strategy for free. If it works, start pilling in the real money and get rich quick playing roulette.


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