Ryanair Signs Online Casino Games Deal

By Maria McCoyGoogle


Ryanair, the leading European budget airline, will now offer visitors to its website the opportunity to have a full online casino games experience. In a cutting-edge move, the airline has teamed up with online casino games software giant 888 to provide games to passengers on its website and ultimately in-flight.

As part of the deal, visitors to the Ryanair website will be able to choose from 888's selection of online slots, poker and sports betting games and play directly on their computers. The possibility to play will be offered to all guests, whether they are booking a ticket or searching the site for deals.

Ryanair is offering its customers the chance to win a variety of big and small prizes through games and tournaments, just as they would if they were playing through 888 Casino. Additionally, the airline is offering some extra bonuses and promotions, including great travel-related offers, like flight vouchers.

After many years of discussion, the partnership between Ryanair and 888 paves the way for airline to move forward with its desire to offer passengers inflight casino games opportunities. The airline had said that it would offer gambling on flights by 2007, but it never came to pass. Ryanair does offer in-flight mobile phone services, allowing travelers to play on top mobile online casinos.

This is the first time that any airline has successfully closed a partnership deal with an online casino games platform provider.  The deal will be subject to European Union regulations, but there is a possibility that players will be able to access top rated online casinos, slots, poker and sports betting from the air.

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