Scientific Games Corp Buys Bally Technologies for $5.1 Billion

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 Scientific Games Corp Buys Bally Technologies for $5.1 Billion

The gaming industry is certainly the place for huge acquisitions right now. Not long after the highly documented deal in which Amaya acquired the PokerStars and Full Tilt owning Rational Group for around $4.9 billion, another acquisition has been made that surpasses that amount.

Scientific Games Corporation on the 1st of August acquired Bally Technologies Inc for a combined total of $5.1 billion. This has been done after both firms agreed to a merger agreement that resulted in the former purchasing all of the outstanding common stock of the latter at $83.30 per share.

The board of directors of both companies agreed to the transaction which included a complete refinancing of the $1.8 billion debt of Bally Technologies.

Scientific Games

Scientific Games are widely known for their industry leading development of technology based products and services for the gaming industry both online and offline.  They provide electronic gaming machines and systems, technology for sports betting, lottery systems as well as systems dedicated to mobile gaming.

Bally Technologies

Bally Technologies were originally founded back in 1932 and they have always been a frontrunner in the global gaming industry. They develop and produce everything from games tables and electronic games to online gaming systems and solutions.

Both companies feel that this link up will allow them to improve and expand on what each already offers and is a great step forward that will allow their combination of ideas to develop industry leading technology and services in future years.

The hype surrounding this deal may not have been as big as that of the Amaya deal, yet this is because companies like Scientific Games work in the background powering online casino sites whilst PokerStars and Full Tilt are massive brands that are instantly recognizable to the public. When we are offered No Deposit Casino bonus codes when we enter online casino sites, we rarely stop to think where the technology has come from.

The gaming industry has never been bigger than what it is today and the merging of these companies should ensure that it grows even bigger in the future. They have the services and products that are perfect for any online casino to make use of when offering their own services to their customers. These online casinos can then use these services to offer such promotions like No Deposit Casino bonus codes.

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