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By Debra SaundersGoogle
There is no real strategy to scratch card play, but there are times when it is certainly the right time to get involved. Some sites will show you how many combinations at which payout level are remaining in their current electronic collection. When there is a high number of missed cards, the majority of the remaining cards are winners. At this stage in the batch of virtual scratch cards, there is a frenzy in the specialty section of the casino.

 More recently we have seen a variety of new scratch card games and ideas hit various virtual casinos, and so we always suggest keeping an eye out on this section of your online casino. If you are a fan of the scratch card virtual gaming environment, there are plenty of options and themes to get involved in now.

Some themes include an untraditional way of scratching off the cards. One particular game that springs to mind is a Pirates scratch card game. There are three options to dig a certain number if holes in search of treasure on a desert island. Dig 5 holes for $1.00, 10 holes for $2.00 or 15 holes at a rate that offers improved odds, but a more expensive rate on a single treasure hunt. There are several payout amounts hidden in 20 spots on the island, and the player has to select the spot he wants the pirate diggers to plough into.

In all 20 holes there are five values hidden away three times each. If all 15 holes strike gold, the player will awarded the jackpot amount, which would be all 5 values added together. In order to clock up win, the pirate diggers have to dig up three like amounts to be paid that amount.

More games include the standard scratching off of three numbers out of nine to try and reveal three like amounts, while others will allow more scratches giving players an added opportunity to scratch off a win. Players can purchase multiple cards and auto scratch or go through the motion of choosing their tool and scratching off each virtual card manually.

Themes can be based around any subject at all. Football, sports, mummies, jungle quests, pirates, monkeys and more. There is a whole new set of virtual worlds out there hidden inside a flurry of exciting scratch card games.

Most casinos will count the scratch card plays towards players’ loyalty point schemes, but always check the terms and conditions before you do play scratch cards.

Some sites offer specialty game casino bonus options that will allow players to use their bonus to enter into the specialty games where many prefer to get stuck into the scratch cards. Admittedly scratch cards are port luck, but at the same time they provide a lot of fun that can be played with almost anyone on a rainy day when you don’t mind fluttering with a bit of spare cash. 

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