Senate Committee Meets to Determine Future of Tribal iGaming

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Discussions surrounding online gambling legislation in the US are pressing ahead. Earlier in the week, tribal gaming representatives met with the members of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs met with tribal casino representatives to discuss the future of online casino games in the US.  
An Oversight Hearing on Regulation of Tribal Gaming: From Brick & Mortar was convened and the tribal representatives made it clear that they would like to be actively involved in the debate around casino games online.  
The Senate Committee presented a draft of the Tribal Gaming Act of 2012, which seeks to regulate the tribal gaming market. The Act calls for the establishment of an Office of Tribal Online Gaming to monitor online gaming, the distribution of revenue with tribes who will not offer iGaming, and the creation of a regulatory committee within the National Indian Gaming Council that will be responsible for granting casino games online licenses.
The Act is still in the draft stages and has a significant amount to go before becoming law.
Representatives throughout the tribal community delivered testimony at the hearing. There are different and varying interests and opinions involved in the discussion of where the final word rests on online gaming regulation in the tribal community. It is generally agreed upon however, that power should be with the National Indian Gaming Council.
Casinos run by tribes are some of the largest and most profitable throughout the United States. It is left to be determined whether the Senate will move ahead with the Act.

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