SG Gaming Extends another Deal

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It’s been a tough few years for the online design companies providing spots books, casino, bingo, and online poker; however, it’s always good news when a loyal customer resigns as with SG Gaming

Good news for Scientific Gaming as the company extend yet another deal with one of their long term customers rather than following in the footsteps of networks such as iPoker, who have recently lost a huge client, namely Ladbrokes, to the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN).

The customer in question is Jennings Bet available to UK customers. However, for the rest of the world that has access to SG Gaming sports books and other online gaming options, this is a reassuring move forward for the company and its punters. Maintaining market share hasn’t always been easy within the platform distribution world, and one of the biggest threats to the online gaming platform providers right now is the gigantic takeover of The Rationale Group; the owner of Full Tilt Poker and casinos as well as the PokerStars.

SG Gaming gets a double bonus out of this deal and so do many Jennings Bet stores spread across the UK. The addition of SG Gaming’s Infinity® terminals to Jennings Bet stores not only makes in store gaming exciting due to the massive 21.5” HD widescreen gameplay, but it also gives SG more publicity as the presence of their awesome live gaming machines is hard to miss.

Also, known as NASDAQ: SGMS, Scientific Gaming have been pushing into the live gaming market with a differentiation strategy that is clearly along the lines of; the bigger the better. The new Infinity® terminals are now coming out with improved sound system packed inside as well as a new interactive panel to control the video technology built inside the machines.

Additional titles will be available to Jennings Bet customers as the company takes full advantage of new releases and existing gaming options via WMS Gaming, which is DG Gaming’s sister.

New titles and new deals are also good news for Jennings Bet customers because it usually means a whole new stream of casino bonus codes giving punters the chance to get free cash on the games and turn into the real thing!

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