SG Gaming Reveals new Software Vehicle

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Nasdaq: SGMS is the top level division for SG Gaming, and while most people understand Barcrest are the providers of online slot machine and table games, it is the huge enterprise Nasdaq that has been the supporting influence behind the success of this online software designer and platform provider conglomerate.

At the ICE 2014, SG revealed three new games that were impressively previewed giving us a taste of what the future holds. Zeus II® was first up followed by Black Knight®. These two games are looking impressive and will make for exciting editions to Barcrest’s already amazing suite of slot machine gaming options readily available on some of the biggest online casinos.

It was also revealed that Over the Rainbow® will be introduced presenting fans of the software designer with yet another graphically superior slot gaming option. All three games are to be made available via the arcade sector of SG Gaming as well as through the massive LBO sector plus we will also see these games on the Arcade platforms of their software distribution channels.

ICE 2014 was the first example of SG Gaming and Williams Interactive (WMS) working together since Scientific Games acquired WMS. The main positive point that came out of the seminar/exhibition was that customers and clients have been able see first-hand just how well integrated SG’s portfolio of content, services and technology can work.

Within the Scientific Games Corporation the development side of the business has also unleashed the ins and outs regarding the introduction of ‘Road Hog®. It will be a whole before the game comes out on to the market, February to be exact, but when it does, it is expected to be smash hit game on the network.

It is going to be an exciting few months ahead for the internet gaming community involved with SG Gaming thanks to the business’s well organized presentation of what is to come in the latest ICE 2014 showcase showing off the cross-platform abilities of the company as a whole.

Even more impressively, SG uncovered the new Clarity® machine. These will be self-service terminals aimed at the betting market. The formation of the betting terminal industry has been no secret and SG have been an integral part of the innovation bringing new technology to the world’s betting market. The new machines have come via a working partnership with Best Gaming.

After the revelations of new slots and Clarity® machine betting terminals, we were also given a taster of the ABB, which is a brand new Code of Conduct. This is an interesting concept that embraces spend limits, which have already been introduced on to the market.

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