Shots Fired at Seattle Area Casino

By Debra SaundersGoogle


According to Seattle Police, a gunman entered the local Muckleshoot Casino on Sunday and shot his wife, her partner, and seven bystanders.  The suspect’s wife and two of the shooting victims were reported to be in critical condition as of early Monday morning.  Another four of the victims were evacuated to Renton’s Valley Hospital in stable condition.


The Auburn Police commander, Mike Hirman, said that shortly after opening fire and shooting nine people, casino security tackled the suspect, and he was taken into custody by an off-duty police officer from Auburn.  The officer worked in the casino part time.


The police, who did not immediately identify the suspect, gave him over to the detectives for investigation in order to further understand his motives.


Police commander Hirman states that "We know they were estranged and we know he went up there and fired rounds into his wife and into his wife's companion."  He further explained that the suspect was being detained at King County Jail and had spoken to detectives.  The details of those conversations, though, are considered part of an ongoing investigation and therefore have not been released to the press.


The accusation is that the suspect knowingly entered the Casino’s Club Galaxy lounge with the intent of discharging his firearm upon his wife together with her male companion.


Two of the wife’s sisters were among the injured.  It is not known whether it was part of the gunman’s intentions to shoot the sisters as well.


According to commander Hirman, the initial court hearing is expected to take place on Monday.

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