Simple But Effective – Why Players Love Draw Hi/Lo

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Draw Hi/Lo solves the green felt obsession by introducing a card game on the tables that gives players the chance to play Hi/Lo versus the house.

It’s become one of the more popular games of late with plenty of players offering their advice on how to play the game with a sound strategy.

Actually the payback odds aren’t really that great if you are constantly going with the flow, but if you start to go in the opposite direction and bet higher when there is a high card out there you can double your money or better. For example, if there is a 10 and you bet higher you’ll get 4 times your stake back.

What’s been fascinating is how two strategies have been combined by players to earn themselves a marker and then switch tactics to start to aim for the big wins.

Earning the marker is simply called going with the flow. Player choose higher or lower on the most obvious choice and slowly build up by doubling their money. This is actually a frustrating way to build up your cash because the odds are not usually that great. Sometimes you are betting at odds that pay back 1-10, so only 10% of your risk. However, this is all part of the fun as the pros of this game build up a list of the numbers that have been appearing most regularly.

This is a good way to swing the odds in the punters favour using probability while at the same time as having fun playing the game. That is if an 8 has come out twice in 10 deals then the probability is all the other cards bar the 8 will most likely come out before we see another 8. Of course probability doesn’t always work that smoothly, but it’s better to have some information than no information.

Once a player has a comprehensive list of numbers that have been hitting the table they can start betting the other way. For instance, if the 10 is on the table it is east to bet lower, but you are only going to get about 10% to 15% of your bet back. However, having a list of numbers that show the Jack, Queen, and King have rarely hit the board, but most of the cards lower than 10 have hit it is worth a punt for the 4-1 odds.

What’s been happening is a select few geniuses have managed to move away from going with the flow by betting the short odds and rather they are getting more value for through educated guesses at the game with longer odds that pay a better return.

There is also the massive draw bet that pays 10-1. Now the odds are around 12-1 that the cards will pair up to create a draw, so betting this option after you have drawn twice could see you get some value.

In the end Hi/Lo Draw isn’t a game that players can make regular money from because the odds offered aren’t great, but it is fun, you can play it in the company of anyone and it’s well worth trying to beat the game by using the latest hi/lo strategy!

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