Simple way to master the Blackjack game

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Blackjack is one of the best games you play in a casino. It offers the best odds of winning of almost all games. While other games have a house edge of 5% or more, Blackjack comes in at under 2%. Add in the fact that you can use a solid strategy plan to overcome these odds and you have a beatable casino game.

Employing a simple strategy that you can find just about anywhere, Blackjack becomes a game in which you lower the house edge and in some cases make the edge in your favor. Here are a few simple steps to master the game of Blackjack and finally walk away a winner.

Basic Strategy

Knowing when to hit, stand, double down etc…. is your first step to beating Blackjack. Using a simple chart that shows you exactly what decision to make based on the dealers up card is about as easy as placing your chips in the middle. These charts can actually be bought form most casino gift stores, but if you play online blackjack, here is a chart to use at home.

This chart tells you exactly what to do based on the dealers cards. This chart is based on a multi deck blackjack game which most casinos use.

Losing Bets

Knowing when not to take a bet is one of the best pieces of information a winning gambler has. Often, the lure of a good payout or a gut feeling may tempt you to place a bet that is surely to lose in the long run. Taking the insurance bet in Blackjack is one of these bets.

Insurance is when the dealer has an Ace as an up card and taking the insurance will pay 3:2 if the dealer does in fact have Blackjack. Never, ever, ever take the insurance bet. It’s a sucker bet and will never show a positive return. Resist the temptation and say “No Thank You.”

Winning Bets

The chart above will show you when to make a decision, but sometimes it’s nice to know why we make a certain move. The first decision is double down. This is when you place a bet that equals your original bet and you receive one more card. No other cards will be given to you and whatever total you have is what you’re stuck with. You always want to double down when you have an 11, this is a given. 

Splitting is another bet you can make during play. This is when you are 2 cards that are the same and you split them to make 2 new hands. Again, you must place a bet that is exact to your original to split your cards. There are times you should almost always split and this is when you have two 8s or two Aces.
Having two 8s give you a total of 16 which in blackjack, is the worse hand to have. When you split the 8s, you are giving yourself the chance to have two better hands which to play.

When you are dealt two aces, it may look pretty, but in reality it only equals 12 or 2, not very good starting hands. If you split them, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make 21 or at least a better starting hand.

These are just a few simple ways to become a master at Blackjack. They are easy to understand and will help you overcome the odds and start beating the game on a regular basis.

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