Slot Jackpot Payouts Online Beat the National Lottery

By Maria McCoyGoogle

In the UK the National lottery gives participants the chance to play 6 numbers to which payouts in excess of $8 million per week are not uncommon. There are also heaps of other ways to win such as getting the 3, 4 or 5 of the numbers correct coming out of the 6 number lotto draw. Overall the National Lottery in the UK pays out millions in cash.

However, in a single progressive win, progressive slots from Progressive slot networks such as Micorgaming’s can also pay out just as much – if not more! On top of this, the probability of winning the multi-million dollar jackpots on slots such as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is much higher compared to the National Lottery.

Now if you are from the US, you may want to pause a moment. The USA has a population of over 250 million people; however, the UK has around 65 million. In the States the lottery is a lot higher, but with good reason – a large population brings in more money.

Nonetheless, in the UK the slots’ jackpots that are beating the National Lottery payouts has become some feat. In fact, a similar story may be the same for the slots in the US, but due to online gambling being so well controlled and restricted in the US right now online gambling on a US wide scale is still not a fully operation; therefore the slots have a difficult time beating the US Lottery games.

If the US were to allow all out slots play online, then you can bet your bottom dollar that they would pay out more than the lottery.

The question many are asking is why do slots pay out so much? This is a question many analysts have been researching and quite frankly it scares most of the US government. To be honest though, it really doesn’t take a genius to work this out. Slots are fun, interactive and they can be played by all walks of society from low to high stakes.

With their popularity, the collective amount of cash brought in by the online casinos that host them means that the slots can be set with an RTP of up 97% on some. It means the casinos only make an average 3% profit on the most highly set RTP slots. As a result, they pay out and the wealth is distributed across a broad spectrum of slot players.

Furthermore, today slots are interconnected via massive networks. Progressive jackpot networks are connected to multiple casinos, so players from several casinos can be playing the same progressive slot – this not only means more players, it means more money being pumped into the slot - the more money pumped in the quicker and larger the progressive jackpot becomes! In turn huge multimillion dollar payouts ensue.

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