Slot Players’ Ultimate Tactics

By Maria McCoyGoogle
How are there professional slot players out there on the scene? Surely this wily bunch are losing their cash as it is common knowledge the slots are supposed to win in the long run.

In fact, some slot players have been hammering the machines with a combination of tactics, but this takes some skill to achieve and a very watchful eye. Firstly, you need to be

on a site where you can check the current pay outs of the slot you are playing. Then next set yourself a certain number of spins according to the average pay out of the machine.

Usually 80 spins is a good average. This is because most slots offer around a 95% payback meaning the slot makes 5%.

The combination of these two tactics means hopefully you can get on the slot after it has already taken its 5%.This isn’t always possible, but the line of thought is that you are reducing the risk.

Thirdly, you need to set yourself a bankroll according the number of spins you plan to play. This is tough because you will need to do some calculations. The calculations actually combine with the fourth tactic, which is stepping up the stakes on win lines that have not been prosperous and stepping up your overall spin bet when the scatter hasn’t landed for a while. Slot players do this because if the win line or scatter hasn’t pulled in a win for a period of time then the probability is that a win is on the way.

Increasing the stake on a prospect with higher probability is a sensible tactic and gives you higher paying returns.

Getting used to stepping up in stakes is something as a slot player you’ll learn from experience. You will actually need to add how much money you intend to use to increase your stakes according to the amount of money you have dedicated to your overall spin session.

This leads to the main point that makes this tactic work. Every time you win you will need to squirrel your money away. That means that you never put your winnings back into the machine, so you are effectively building up a side pot of winning cash.< br />

This is why the third and fourth tactics are so important because you want to get through as many spins as possible to give yourself maximum opportunity to take advantage of stepping up the value of your bets on pay lines that offer a better probability of spinning in a combination. At the same time you also want to step up your total spin bet value when there is a higher chance of rolling in a scatter win, a feature that can pay multiples of your spin bet as well as launch you into high paying bonus rounds, which also offer higher returns according to the amount you have wagered on the overall spin.

One of the main advantages of this tactic is that the higher the bets you make on the win lines then the higher the overall spin bet, once again increasing returns on any bonus or scatter wins.

On balance, this is not an easy tactic to understand or to utilise, but it makes a lot of sense in many ways and as with anything on the slots, it is always worth putting into action to see if it works for you.

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