Socialitize Releases 2Bet2 Facebook Betting App

By Maria McCoyGoogle

App developer Socialitize Ltd. has come out with a new app for Facebook that allows user to bet on sports games in a unique social environment.  Players can bet virtual money on American sporting events like American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, and tennis, and on international sports like soccer (25 European associations) and rugby (union and league).  The app, much like a Vegas bookie, provides odds and lets you bet against the house.  The odds are generated in the same way that real Vegas bookies generate odds.  All bets placed on 2Bet2 use 2Bet2’s virtual money “BB$.”  Upon signing up for the app, a player is issued BB$; the money is not redeemable for real money, similar to the free play casino system. 

As player bet more they can progress through various levels and gain experience points.  As they progress and earn experience points, they can bet on new leagues and can bet at higher wages with higher stakes. 

Since the betting app is on Facebook, the social component is central.  Punters can watch a live feed where they can see their competition’s bets, they can comment, they can “respect” or “taunt,” and they can even challenge their friends.  Adriaan Brink, the CEO at Socialitize Ltd., said that punters love 2Bet2’s social component.  The commenting, taunting, respecting and challenging add a totally new element to the betting experience.  Some casino reviews say that this social aspect is the future of online casino games.  Socialitize have entered a market that is just beginning to trend, and if Facebook decides to allow real-money betting, they could stand to make millions.

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