Software Providers Poker Networks in Competition

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Microgaming is on top its game in the online casino market using its Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). Some of the top casinos such as 32 Red are using the MPN network as an offset side option to their usual casino gaming and many of the other casinos are directing their clientele also interested in playing online poker to MPN and earning a large commission.

What’s interesting is that William Hill are utilizing some Microgaming casino software, but they are tied in with iPoker network, which is basically MPN’s competition. William Hill’s largest global competitor Ladbrokes also use Microgaming, and they were part of the iPoker network; however, recently Ladbrokes has moved from iPoker to the MPN network.

iPoker is one of the most mature online poker networks on the internet today. Their client list is extensive, but with disappointing contract losses and the power of MPN, these factors could be a major threat to iPoker’s future existence. MPN is an attractive option for companies that are looking to integrate their entire online gaming network, such as sports book, poker and casino platforms into an all-in-one centrally managed platform.

Currently William Hill is no doubt iPoker’s biggest customer, and so far the poker software platform designer must be doing something right because they still appear to have a loyal bond with WillHill.

Party Poker is also out there somewhere in the midst of all this. BWIN are currently the platform provider under the hood of Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. Currently they are an entity of their own and don’t distribute their poker platform or casino platforms as do iPoker and Microgaming. However, in the newly formed US gambling market comprised of three states, Party Poker and Borgata share the same poker network.

Probably though, the most dangerous of all deals that emerged only recently was the massive $4.9 billion dollar takeover of PokerStars by Amaya Gaming from the original owners the Rationale Group. This was a huge deal for Amaya as it already has its own poker network, but it has not been as successful as any of the aforementioned poker networks in this report.

Amaya Gaming is as powerful as Microgaming in the casino platform market. The company is also a huge provider of live slot machines in the North American casino and slots club market. Now they are the biggest poker network in the worlk with the aquistion of PokerStars, which boast more members than the MPN, Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, and iPoker.

Combining Amaya Gaming’s growing online poker network platform, PokerStars, and the added bonus of Full Tilt Poker, Amaya Gaming has literally just stormed from behind into the lead within the poker market, and no one saw it coming.

With huge exposure on their sports books, casino, bingo, and other platforms already, they now have the biggest overall gaming on the net. This can only be good news for the punters as the competition will need to react with some intelligent marketing that will hopefully improve casino bonus codes and give players more no deposit casino bonus cash to lure them away from the massive threat of Amaya Gaming.

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