Spain Advances Online Gambling Regulation

By Debra SaundersGoogle

After the Spanish Cabinet’s recent approval of the new laws on online gambling licensing requirements, Spain is expected to establish a full regulatory framework for online gambling by the beginning of 2012.

Spain’s online gambling trade association, known as AEDAPI, is pleased with the recent advancements.  Soon enough online casino operators will be able to apply for licensing to operate in Spain.  Despite the initial excitement, AEDAPI representatives have expressed disappointment with the high 25% gross income tax rate.  Furthermore, the regulatory framework does not allow for all forms of gambling.  These conditions significantly reduce the profitability of those interested in operating in the Spanish market.  The representatives said that they will continue to work to encourage the authorities to make the Spanish market a worthwhile place for online casino operators. 

Some gambling operators are undeterred by the high tax rate and are quickly trying to acquire full licensing by the beginning of the coming calendar year.  Rank plc. is one of those eager operators and is planning on launching an online casino called enRacha.  The site is to have poker games, table games, skill games, slots, and Spanish card games.

The London-based international online gambling giant Ladbrokes recently announced that the newly available Spanish market is in their sites.  They will license Microgaming software for the new sites.  With the completion of the Spanish regulatory approval expected by January 2012, Ladbrokes will launch its Spanish online casino LBApuestas.  In addition to inroads to the new Spanish market, Ladbrokes is also making inroads in the Danish market who recently took legislative steps to attract online casinos to the local Danish online gambling market.

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