Spanish Government Reconfirms License Schedule

By Debra SaundersGoogle

In an attempt to put an end to rumors circulating in the online casino games industry, the Home Affairs and Administration Ministry in Spain announced earlier in the week that national gambling regulator Enrique Alejo would meet the scheduled date of June 1, 2012 to issue online casino games licenses to fitting applicants. Additionally, the government clarified that once the licenses are issued, top online casino providers can being providing services immediately. Currently, in-play betting will not be allowed.

There were doubts that the Spanish government would be able to meet the deadline that it had set because there have been various staff changes in the regulation department, a large number of applications, as well as litigation in process.

It has been reported that more than fifty-nine top rated online casinos have applied for license in Spain.

The speculation over the Spanish governement’s ability to meet its deadline was fueled by a statement made by the CEO of 888 Holdings, Brian Mattingley. Speaking at a conference, Mattingley stated that went to Madrid with another company executive in order to assess the situation. Their assessment of the situation was that the Spanish regulator would need more time than the new deadline of June 1. He also stated that he was impressed by the responsiveness of the regulatory authority's staff to the suggestions and ideas presented.

Most of Europe's top online casino providers have applied for licenses in Spain and are hopeful they will receive them. They are monitoring the situation closely as each time the deadline is extended; they are incurring a financial loss.

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