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By Maria McCoyGoogle
For many people, the governments’ moves to restrict online gambling is justified.

Without restrictions the punters could be facing unscrupulous payback schemes and gaming companies that rip off their customers. However, it seems sports betting escapes much of the wrath of the anti-gambling lobbyists and officials.

Many of the world’s gambling faithful be it a promoter, affiliate marketer, pro-gambler and anyone else tied into the betting industry, have turned to sports betting as their safety net.

The online poker and casino market in the US was the first time we saw government action clamping down on real money betting. This government move by-and-large shut down all online betting options in the US.

In Australia, it is just the online casino and poker sites that have to keep a watchful eye on what the new government leader and his party intend to do as they have made it no secret online gambling is a target for them. As for sports betting, it seems this will left well alone.

Perceptions of many of those in power running our countries is that online Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and especially slots are the problem. They don’t mind the brick and mortar casinos running live operations in their countries, but they are trying to control the online betting scene when it comes to virtual casinos and card rooms.

In the UK there is a softer approach developing. The government are making sure they get all the tax they can from anyone operating an online betting service within the UK. BWIN and Party Gaming are already looking to take a huge hit to their income from the country. Being based in Gibraltar, they have benefited from tax breaks. However, with companies such as Google and Starbucks under the cosh for what has been labelled as legal tax dodging, the gambling industry surely didn’t think that it would also get to escape the spotlight.

Even though new laws guarantee the UK government will receive a considerable amount of tax from online gaming, that doesn’t mean that future governments awaiting elections are going to turn a blind eye to the virtual betting industry. Labour in the UK have already made it clear they intend to tighten up controls over online gambling entities. Again though, it seems the focus is on online casinos and poker, not sports betting.

In amongst all of this it seems sports betting is getting away with it all. It is not something that can be controlled by a computer algorithm, and sport is something every country likes to promote. The revenue governments earn through tax, public transport and renting facilities coming from American Football, Premiership football, boxing, UFC, horse racing and all the other sports covered by the sports bookies is just too much to turn down.

In the end, a large portion of those pumping their money into the sports industry are fuelled by betting. Men and women who like to go out and watch sports with their friends are spending money in the bars earning the government VAT. With so many of those men and women being those who bet on the games they go to watch, you can imagine the government powers that be don’t want to harm the industry by killing off sports betting.

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