"Star Witness" in Black Friday Case is Daniel Tzvetkoff - The IT Whiz Kid who Helped Create the Fraud

By Debra SaundersGoogle

Not only did 28 year old Australian IT-whiz Daniel Kim Tzvetkoff help create the fraud that affected the entire online poker industry, he also profited quite a great deal from it.  It seems now that as the US federal government prepares to prosecute the 11 online poker executives, Daniel Tzvetkoff is going to play a big role in the prosecution's case.  Seemingly in exchange for his own exoneration, Tzvetkoff is ratting out his cronies who he helped to get rich and in the process, got quite rich himself.

Tzvetkoff had a lot going for him before he went down the long, dark road of bank fraud and money laundering.  A successful, young entrepreneur, he co-founder of Intabill which at its peak was the largest online billing company in the world.  Instead of playing by the rules, he took advantage of an opportunity presented to him and helped to make poker giants like Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars millions of dollars, taking around $150,000 a day for himself.  When he wanted to take a bit more, he was sued by the various companies.  Currently, because of his knowledge of how the money was laundered and how the fraud was carried out, he's currently the key that the U.S. Attorney's office is counting on.   He can allegedly reverse-engineer transactions in order to determine their original source. 

Rumor has it that the feds got him in the first place because Full Tilt and/or Poker Stars tipped him off to the FBI, who then made the arrest. Seems that loyalty doesn't go so far among criminals. 

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