Stepping down and stepping up in Stakes

By Maria McCoyGoogle
One of the best reported strategies to extend the length of time you can play in an online casino game is perfecting probability swings.

A humorous, but also true theory of gambling says that you should always aim to bet as much as you can on your winning bets and lose as little as you can on your losing bets. This is not the easiest of things to do, but with a little information building there are ways to practice this concept and make it work for you.

When you first arrive at a table, betting less money for your first few wagers is one successful strategy some players are using. This is because during the first few bets they gain valuable information, essentially learning about the games current variations through probe betting. Using simple probability they then spot a more than probable chance of a winning prospect and they step up their stake on that prospect.

Take European Roulette as an example. You arrive at the table and see the last 10 or so numbers listed on the roulette results history board. Unfortunately, at this moment in time you don’t know the results of the last 27 spins and given that the probability of any one number spinning in on European Roulette is 37 to 1, including the “0”, your information is limited because you have only just started playing. Your odds are 10 numbers you know about from the results history versus 27 numbers not listed.

As a tip, at the earliest stage in your roulette game, low stake corner bets are a good slow paced betting tactic i n this scenario as you are spreading the bet across four numbers. Obviously, to get the best out of this bet you should be choosing four numbers that are currently not showing on the roulette results history.

After the bets have been placed let’s say 8 of the next 10 spins on the wheel produce different numbers to the 10 spins before that. This now gives you better betting odds because you know about 18 numbers out of 20 spins that have already spun in on the roulette wheel versus 19 numbers that haven’t, each earning an increased probability of the ball landing on it every missed spin. With better knowledge than when you joined the table you can start to increase your stakes on your favoured prospects and dabble with the high paying split and straight inside betting options.

Similarly, on jackpot slot machines a similar method is used. The strategy is to bet the same stake on every line every spin, but when particular lines haven’t landed a winning combination the slot player will step up the bet on that line in the hope that a big combination will land.

This isn’t a fail proof plan, but it does decrease the risk of losing your money and increase the odds getting down some high value returns at the right time. By using low bets to gain more information in order to reveal prospects with a higher probability you can increase your stakes at the right times. On top of this, with slow play you will stop being one of those players we always see come into the game and lose all their money in the first few bets.

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