Streak Breaker: The Ultimate Slot Feature on Bars and Bells

By Debra SaundersGoogle
One of the best slot machine features to have ever hit the virtual machines is the ‘Streak Breaker’ feature giving players a real casino bonus to dig into.

How many times have you sat there rolling in negative spins? Streak Breaker is the answer to the mass of missed spins. With this feature tuned in players will land a mega pay-out if the spins blank 5 ties in a row. Players have to bet an extra 5 coins on their spin bets to activate the feature using a ‘Play Feature +5’ option that will activate the ‘Streak Breaker Bar’. Each time the reels make a negative spin a gold coin is added to the ‘Streak Breaker Bar’ and once 5 coins fill up the blank spots the bonus feature is activated.

For an extra 5 coins per spin this at first appears too much of a risk, but for the fun of it players activate the feature to test the meter. Once they do it takes roughly 25 to 30 spins before 5 spins in a row miss hit and this is where it all become worth it. The pay out that ensues is massive. On one occasion during the test run the stakes being used were $1.00 per coin with 5 coins wagered per line. Bars and Bells is 20 line machine so the total spin bet came to $125. As there were 5 coins being bet the ‘Play Feature +5’ now read ‘Play Feature +25’. With the extra 25 coins this added $25, so spin bets were $150 a spin.

Despite the high amount of cash being laid down the game was just too much fun to walk away from. Imagine cheering every time a combination doesn’t land in and looking in disgust as a combination comes in and ruins the ‘Streak Breaker’ count. It gets worse! If you build up a streak of 4 no win spins and the fifth spin rolls on a combination you will be throwing your arms up in despair asking why you couldn’t have just missed one more! Honestly, this was just too much fun and we had to keep going.

After plenty of spins we were around $1,300 down on our luck, but then the ‘Streak Breaker’ started to clock up the coins until finally we smashed it. The screen splashed ‘Breaker’ and we were all watching the bonus pay meter toying with random numbers, but what was even more exciting was the discussion while we were being taunted by the numbers. “This is going to massive”. The numbers started in the 40,000 coin region and then started to fall to 15,000 and then rose up again until eventually we were left with 19,225 coins giving us a mega pay out. You can do the math!

For a start Bars and Bells is a great game bringing back the casino symbols of old making this feel like a real gamblers paradise. On top of this, there is a gamble feature that can be used on combination wins, there are free spins, and a random shake ‘n’ pay bonus that pays up to 25,000. With all this the best part of this game is the way it changes the way you play on the slots while shouting for a losing spin.

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