Subscription Receipt Offer Now Closed By Amaya

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Amaya Gaming Inc, have recently acquired PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker through a deal worth a staggering $4.9 billion with $640 million of that coming from a subscription Receipt offering that Amaya pitched to people across the world.

That subscription receipt offer came to an end on July 7thwith Amaya announcing that the offering was now complete.

The underwritten deal required the purchase of 25 million receipts all priced at $20 for each of the subscription receipts. These receipts were guaranteed by Amaya to be automatically converted into shares upon the completion of the acquisition of the Rational Group that is the parent company of both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars brands and the poker tours associated with them.

This subscription receipt offering was first revealed back on the 12th of June 2014 with the guarantee that if the acquisition of the Rational Group was not completed within six months, the monies subscriptions would be instantly returned to the buyers. As it turns out, the transaction between the Rational Group and Amaya was completed and successful.

Now that Amaya owns two of the biggest brands with regards to online poker, we can expect Full Tilt Poker to heavily continue its plans to operate as a casino as well as providing poker. Amaya are a huge international company that has made its money from providing a full catalogue of online gaming services and games.

Their gaming systems are efficient, have a wide amount of variety and have become hugely popular to the players that play them across a wide variety of platforms.

They will no doubt continue to expand the casino games that have already been slowly implemented onto the Full Tilt Poker site. These games started out with a small selection added in the earlier part of the year and now that catalogue has been added to with the inclusion of some other slot games. Despite these implementations, the site is still mainly known as a poker site so does not as yet have any casino bonus codes.  

They are going to keep PokerStars as it is and allow that site to concentrate on what it does best, provide a highly successful online poker platform and organize hugely popular poker tours.

If Full Tilt Poker do shift their interests to a more casino based site, we can only assume that there will be plenty of choices promotions in the coming months such as a possible no deposit casino bonus. As a poker site they are already well known for their deposit bonuses, so we do expect some form of bonus to attract casino players to the site.     

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