Thailand Could Contemplate Legalising Casinos

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Currently all gambling in Thailand is illegal aside from the lottery that is a government controlled entity. Despite that, Thailand is also known for its police corruption and many of the high ranking officials either run illegal underground casinos themselves or take payoffs from mafia rackets that have casinos that are not openly advertised.

These casinos are tough to gain entry to and come with high minimum bets, they are subject to raids and sometimes shootouts with rival gangs

With the underground scene too risky for many Thailand’s rich and famous the next best thing is a trip to the border of Thailand and Cambodia where casinos are legal. Poi Pet is one notorious destination with several large casinos.

With Thai gamblers travelling to Cambodia, Macau or Philippines to gamble, Thailand is losing a ton of potential tax revenue and tourists”

In Singapore, casinos have lifted the economy, created jobs and increased the occupation rate in hotels as well as the number of tourists by over 30%. A figure that Thailand are finding hard to ignore considering it is already on the map for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

The country is in need of a severe cash injection due to an increasing need for more infrastructure to keep up with the countries boom

Despite political problems and natural disasters plaguing Thailand over the years, the country as shown strong resilience. The tourist industry sector counts for around 10% of the GDP has continued to fluctuate always recovering and superseding the figures registered from the year before. As a result some may ask, why does Thailand need to legalise casinos?

Thailand loses millions of dollars every year in tax revenues because of illegal activities such as prostitution, guns, drugs and gambling

In fact, Thailand’s GDP could be double if you counted all the illegal activities and corruption in the country mainly from mafia, police and politicians. Casinos are one of those problems and legalising gambling would solve a large number of political issues as well as crime.

It is likely that soon after the live casinos hit the country it will not be long before online gambling will be made legal in Thailand”

If the country can utilise a system such as in the USA, UK, Spain, Italy and other countries whereby licensing can be issued and online gaming can be controlled and taxed, then online gaming will be allowed for Thais. Currently foreigners with a foreign bank account can gamble online as well as a small number of Thais that have foreign bank accounts.

The questions does still remain whether gambling in a country that is notorious for breeding obsessive gamblers is a good idea or not

Gambling is always a delicate subject by any means. Thailand could utilise a system whereby only those Thais that can afford to gamble can enter, and foreigners are allowed too – a system used in the Philippines. For now though, this is just hearsay and we’ll have to keep you updated. 

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