The Age of Targeted Casino Bonus Codes

By Maria McCoyGoogle
As we start to look at how bonus codes have improved over the years, we shave started to notice that there are some casinos out there that have software so advanced that they can make bonus code deals that fit their clienteles playing habits. This is the sign of the future. We took a players comments from an over 60s casino blog and broke down here experience of how casino bonus codes have developed over the years.

It was wonderful when bonus code targeted at slots came out because meant I got more for money. I didn’t want to play any other games, but I had to use the generic bonus code, which at the time was quite normal

A casino player that been around for some time made this comment. She is right in so many ways. When we had generic bonus codes, these were great because no one imagined that targeted bonus codes specifically for slots, Blackjack or Roulette games would come out. However, when they did, the online casino industry boomed further as it segmented its markets into players that has a game preference.

I used to swap from casino to casino using targeted welcome bonus codes until my online casino started to offer regular member bonuses specific to slots. Once I could also get daily, weekly and monthly promo codes for the slots, I just stuck to my favourite online casino”

The first online casinos to release these game specific bonus codes really cleaned up as they attracted players from other sites – players that realised they would get far more value from their targeted bonus code. However, the welcome bonus codes came with flaws as they attracted customers, but they wouldn’t stop these players wandering to other casinos. Soon regular bonus codes targeted Blackjack players, Roulette players, Slots players and more. These regular members only bonuses started to instil more loyalty and less casino swapping.

Now my online casino gives me bonus codes via my casino account that are specific to my favourite flutter. Of course, the slots!

With new technology that concentrates on player tracking, how much they spend on games in both time and money, the online casinos are gathering customer market data all the time. A powerhouse of information that meant the online casino could make sure their member would stick around and not be tempted to leave for the competition.

Custom made bonus codes offered to slots players, blackjack players, baccarat players, roulette players, all round table game players and even older and younger players have now become the latest online casino bonus code craze. The sign of technology and information working together to give online casino players the best possible experience. 

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