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Despite this being mainly casino and casino bonus news, we have been finding it very difficult to ignore the presence of the new The Guvnor of Poker App on Facebook, Google Play and Apple Store. Now being mad about reporting on casino news, this app is bound to cross our paths on more than several occasions, and so in the end we decided it is well worth reporting on.

‘Guvnor of Poker is a poker game based on the Wild West and you are the Guvnor looking to earn respect and build up a big bankroll’

In the game you start with just pocket change and travel by train between towns looking for the saloons with the best poker games in town. There are a range of low, medium and high stakes games you can get involved in. As you begin to build up your bankroll, you start to earn more respect and gain a reputation in the sprawling towns the game takes you to.

Buy new clothes and start to buy up property as you begin to build an empire’

Your empire will grow as you start to pull in more big wins.

Get loans from the bank, but be careful because unpaid debt is frowned upon in the Wild West and you could end up going bust

If you find yourself running short on cash, then the bank will always be there to lend you some cash. That is as long as you don’t build up a huge debt!

Look for tells from certain players on different tables and learn to bluff at the right time

The game is actually quite realistic. Each different table you visit you’ll need to keep your eyes open and pay attention because some of the players will give away some profitable tells. This is great if you are a live poker player that likes to wonder around your town or city looking for games where you can easily clean up. On top of this, as your rep grows bigger, you’ll become more intimidating and so you can also learn the art of bluffing at the right time.

Can be played iOS, Android and any other desktop or laptop platform

The Guvnor of Poker App can be played on almost any devices. It is available for download on Google Play Store and via the Apple store. You can also play via Facebook, which is the quickest way to register. You can use your Facebook log in and this means you’ll be able to easily get onto the game without worrying about keeping additional usernames and passwords. Facebook is also the only way to access the game via desktops and laptops if you do not already have an Android simulator.

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