The Importance of Balance

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Amit Varma explains the balance of life and poker in his article ‘How poker teaches us to balance our life’ using a simple game of rock, paper and scissors.  His game-theory optimal (GTO) helps to exploit other’s actions in the game and then apply this to poker to avoid making bad decisions.

Learning balance in online gaming is exactly the same principle as learning how to balance your plays in poker and this is one lesson that many gamblers should take head of’

Although rock, paper and scissors may not be the best life example; it serves its purpose. You adjust your choice according to your opponent’s preferred or habitual choice of one of rock, paper or scissors. You can then make better decisions by choosing the winning formula more regularly.

Part of the winning formula is making sure that you playing in surrounding that suit you

Being comfortable in your surrounding is also vitally important because if you are not comfortable and relaxed, this is when you start to make bad bets and as a result fortunes can be lost.

Similarly in life we acclimatize our personalities to fit in with the different social circles and the individuals within them– for instance our natural instinct to acclimatize in order to fit into the social aspect of your work life, which is different to home life. We find what we have in common with individuals in the work group. This way we communicate and make better decisions to create that winning/profitable formula at work in which GTO can be associated with.

In poker and while we are gambling our natural instincts and experiences of the game we most like to play helps us see areas other players have in common with certain situations in poker and at tables such as Blackjack.

GTO is one of the most useful gambling theories out there and so if you have never looked into it, then now would probably be a good time

Using GTO this make is easier for us to acclimatize to individuals thus we create a more balanced hand range. This helps us find our winning formula against each individual player, and makes it more difficult for your opponent to use GTO to make a decision against you.

Becoming a more intelligent and strategic online gambler will make sure you reduce the risks of loss and get through those moments and periods of bad luck, which is known as a down swing. That means when you win, you are not paying off a huge debt or deficit, and instead you are coming out on top with a nice profit. If you are already in a hole, then don’t worry because it is never too late to change your gaming habits.

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