The Kavouras Roulette Strategy – A Winning Formula?

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Whilst there have been many Roulette strategies doing the rounds among regular casino goers, one known as the ‘Kavouras Roulette Betting Strategy’ has been said to contain a number of advantages that others do not have.

First, we should mention that no roulette strategy is going to be a certified and surefire money maker when you log into your favourite online casino and use a casino bonus code. This system never claims to be. Roulette after all is a game of chance that does favour the house no matter what system is put in use.

This system does however give players the chance at suffering fewer and smaller downswings and the opposite with regards to the chance at having a longer upswing but with wins not being too significant individually.

So let’s have a closer look at this Roulette strategy to see if it will have people running to use their no deposit bonus codes in order to test it. Below are the main designs for the system:

1.) Use a Large Amount of Numbers

This strategy concentrates on using 20 numbers which gives players a more consistent amount of wins and makes any losing streak far shorter.

2.) Chaotically Scatter Numbers

There is no real concentration or grouping of numbers, giving the selection a more chaotic appearance. This eliminates the small possibility that a casino may intentionally look to avoid a particular section of the board.

3.) Different Bet Amounts on Different Numbers

Some of the numbers have slightly higher bets placed on them whilst others are a single unit. This way, you are either going to make a small profit or a significant one when you hit.

4.) Each Win Needs to Offer Profit

Many roulette strategies go down the route of using numbers that soften the blow of any losses rather than taking a profit. This strategy does not have any blow softeners and shows a profit on each and every number that hits, just that the profit might not be substantial for some of them.

The Bet Selection

·         A single unit on all of 0,1,2,3 (each rewards 1 unit profit)
·         Two units on 31,32,33,34,35,36 (each rewards 4 units in profit)
·         A single unit on each split of 9-11, 13-14,,15-18, 17-20, 27-30 (each rewards 10 units in profit)

So you would need 8 units in total covering 20 numbers on the wheel. Any hit would mean a minimum profit of 1 unit and as much as 10 units.

The system has been designed to be flexible, so that any player that has hit a good win is able to increase or decrease the amount that they have bet quickly and efficiently.

Another way it differs is that it is the same numbers each and every time, meaning that there is no need to write down lists of numbers that hit, change the numbers that you want to bet on or anything else. You simply put the bets and keep them there every time.  

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