The mind of a Gambler

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Have you ever wondered what separates the big winners form the average? Some may feel that others are just luckier. This may be true to a certain extent, but there is one thing that separates the big winners for the losers that sure isn’t luck. It’s the way the think! It takes a certain and special mind set to become a winning gambler. As with any profession, those at the top have a special way of think that others do not.

To start, the normal gambler simply goes to a casino or opens their online casino lobby on their computer and sits down looking to play a little. They want to win for sure, but most don’t take it to the edge. It’s either because they have limited bankrolls or is just scared to risk much.

A big winner takes risks when warranted. They look at every hand of Blackjack, every spin of the reels as a chance to win big. They do not just take a blind swing and hope for the best though. They understand what a calculated risk and weight all the factors to determine if a risk is worth the reward. This is also what separates them from others.
While you may consider yourself a risk taker, your risks are often uncalculated and often not worth it. Risking your entire bankroll on a hand of Blackjack is certainly a risk, but to be perfectly honest, it’s a stupid risk that no one should ever take.

A calculated risk may be a game of poker that has a very bad player with lots of money. The stakes may be higher than you are used to, but you know that you’re a better player and the chance of winning a huge amount of money are well worth this risk of losing more than your used to. Sure, these risks don’t always work out the way we want them to, but in the long run of things, the risk is often worth the reward.

Just as successful gamblers take risks, they are also smart with their money. They play within their limits a side from the occasional shot at winning big. They are good at managing their money and always have a plan B.

The average gambler has some in their account or in their wallet and they go play some casino games without any regards to what they can afford to play based on their bankrolls. If you have $50 and you’re playing $5 a hand at Blackjack, you only have 10 hands to play if you lose them all. A smarter decision would be to play quarter slots and build up a bigger roll to play higher stakes Blackjack games.

This is where the successful gambler strives. They are patient and understand that it takes time to build up a bankroll. They are willing to play the smallest stakes or even a game they do not like in order to maintain their money.

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