The Showdown: American Vs European Roulette

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Roulette has been around for years and originally took its name courtesy of the French where Roulette meant ‘Little Wheel’. Since its permanent fixture as a casino table found all over the world 2 main versions of the game have hit the casinos. The European version and the US version of the game are both slightly different, which is enough for some avid lovers of the game to swear by one style or the other because one style isn’t giving out the odds.

One Zero Vs Two Zeros

For those not so clued up with the game of roulette just yet the most difference between the two would be the ‘0’. In the European version there is only one ‘0’ on the wheel extending the 36 straight number positions to 27 possibilities whereas the US version accommodates an additional ‘00’ giving the wheel a total of 38 numbers to hit.

With the extra ‘00’ on the American version the odds of hitting your bets are dampened slightly. For example, if you lay a straight bet on number 23 in the American version the odds are 1 in 38, on the other hand in the European version the odds would be 1 in 37. With the additional number thinning the probability in American Roulette the odds of winning are still not improved.

On both American Roulette and European Roulette the pay back for hitting one of the 38 or 37 numbers respectively are exactly the same at 35 to 1. This brings down the value of playing on the American version with its extra ‘00’.

The expected value of a straight bet in American Roulette i s -0.053 in the dominator of the currency played. Across the pond its European counterpart offers far better value with -0.027 per bet.With this the house’s edge in American Roulette becomes 5.26% rather than the European’s 2.7%. On top of this, even when betting any inside or outside bet around the board the extra ‘00’ slightly thins the odds taking up an extra slot on the wheel that will mean failure to hit at least 1 time out of 38 spins.

European Roulettes Additonal Betting Options

Instead of an extra ‘00’ added to the board the European versions gives players what is effectively the chance to make section bets. Here punters can select sections of the wheel that the ball will land in. These come in different tiers of betting in the form of Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre and Voisons du Zero. These are also known as ‘call bets’.

The bets placed using any of these methods is more for convenience than giving players an advantage. For instance, if you place a bet using the ‘Race Track’ selecting number 11 you will have automatically placed 5 straight bets on numbers 8, 11, 13, 30 and 36, which are Tiers du Cylindre, but if you choose the ‘Voisins Du Zero’ you will place 5 straight bets and 6 split bets and 1 corner bet on the numbers 26 to 22 to the left of the ‘0’ on the wheel and from the ‘0’ to number 25 to the right of the ‘0’.

In the end European Roulette ranks higher with better odds on landing you inside and outside bets plus it adds a little extra with an extra option to use with your roulette strategy.


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