The Slot Professionals: How do they pay the rent?

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Slot machines have always been labelled as pure luck and who can argue, but can you believe there are pro slot players out there making money?

The fallacy that you can’t make money playing slots has long been crushed by a circuit of players who really do have the ability to make money on the reels. Essentially, these players are a bit like Blackjack or Poker players as they are mathematically apt to playing the odds and they stick to a disciplined strategy.

For the early initiator playing slots is as easy as learning one, two, three with some machines giving you coin options to bet and others offering straight play.

Coin Betting on Slots

Coin betting is similar to video poker’s coin betting system. You simply select a value of how much you want each of your coins to worth and then you decide how many lines you want to bet by placing one coin on each of the lines. After this the line is activated and you can then bet multiple coins on the lines you think are more likely to spin in a win, so effectively you betting multiple coins per line.

Coins all have a betting limit as with every game you will find in the casino, so multiple coins increase the amount you can bet per line. For instance, ramp your coin value up to $10.00 a piece on a 25 line slot machines and bet all 25 lines and you have $250.00 on the spin. Then place an additional 4 coins on 10 lines and this makes 10 lines with 5 coins per line giving you a total bet of 10 lines at $50 each and 15 lines at $10 each making up a spin bet of $650.00 for the brave.

Scatter Bets

Hit a combination on one of the lines with five coins and you could pay off the whole spin and make a profit, but this means combining a number of symbols on a single line.

With scatter symbols you can in fact make a scatter combination spread across the reels. This means that the scatter symbol can land anywhere on the reels for a pay-off.

With scatter involved you actually win multiples of your total bet rather multiples of the number of coins you have bet on a line, which happens when you win a line combination bet.

This makes scatters very special as they are easy to land and what’s more is they pay out on your totally combined spin bet. This means using the above example where you bet 65 coins all in all at $10.00 per coin you could win back double this just for 2 scatters in any order on the reels. Get three scatters and you are boasting anything from a x5 multiplier to a x20 multiplier.

In the end, being professional is about how the pros hunt these machines down looking for all the features that will get them ahead whilelearning to ignore the fancy machines that offer no real chance of a decent pay off thus making one of the pro tactics all about machine selection. However, don’t be fooled as pro strategy does get more complicated for instance, through checking the stats on the machines before playing to assess recent pay-outs. Even so, at least we know the scatter feature is one slot asset that is heralded within the pro slot world as a god send.

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