The Top 5 Casino and Poker Films Released

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Unfortunately, every time a film about gambling is released we always get the criminal aspect of the industry as part of the theme. Although you could argue that a gambling film without mobsters, violence, trickery or corruption involved wouldn’t have much of a story line to it. Here is a list of some of the top casino and poker films with all the expected action that goes with the theme.

1.      Casino
The film was put together by the same collaborators that brought Goodfellas to our screens. Robert Di Niro takes the role of Sam Ace Rothstein. Rothstein works for the mob at the Tangiers casino in Las Vegas. The film also stars Joe Pesci, who is Nicky Santoro the man sent to ensure that a cur of the cash at the casino is sliced out without anyone noticing. The film is based on the money and the protection of the mob and starts to reach a climax towards the end with a nice twist to the ending.

2.      Rounders
Every poker player will put this film as their number one. It was a tough choice between Casino and Rounders, but I prefer gangster movies despite being an avid poker player. Matt Damon and Edward Norton are flawless in this film. It’s all about big stakes poker and underground games. Any poker player will love this film without a doubt, and there probably aren’t that any of you out there that play poker who haven’t already seen this film.

3.      Ocean’s Eleven
It’s not really wholly based on casinos, but what a great film. All the classic games are included, and the imagination that went into the film can’t be ignored. You see the deal gone wrong, the soft launch of the casino, the luxury suites, the pretty girls, the jackpot slots being ripped off, the flicking dice, the shady dealers and more. If you like the casino scene, this film covers every aspect of what you would find in a casino, and you can almost taste it as if you were actually there in Vegas.

4.      21
An absolutely brilliant enactment of the six MIT students that won a fortune through their card counting skills and a solid system they put together while in their studies. The film stars Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey. Sturgess plays Ben Campbell as a student with a brilliant mind that gets integrally involved, but his discipline lets him down angering Micky Rosa, a former card counter who bosses the team of young students.

5.      Cincinnati Kid
This film starts off a little like Rounders. The Cincinnati Kid, played by Steve McQueen, is the best 5-Card Stud poker player in town. He gets into to all kinds of trouble winning money because he just has a knack for the game some just will not accept. Several games are organised and the action gets intense as the story line leads up to a grand finale versus the man considered to be the best 5-Card Stud player in the world.

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