The Worst Leaks in Poker and Casino Table Games

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Leaks are areas of your game that contribute to the loss of your cash in a move that is basically so obvious or not thought out that you are in essence giving your chips your chips away for free.

As poker is a game that is mostly played against other players, a leak can be devastating. Other players can read your weakness and use that to their advantage.

For example, a player that is oblivious to pit odds will then be targeted by better players to extract value from the leak. This could be a player chasing over cards. With a Queen high flop holding King Ace, you would have two over cards because if a King or an Ace comes out, you are likely going to win the pot on a dry board.

The odds of the over cards hitting on the turn or river from the flop are roughly 24% or 4-1. A good player that has hit the Queen and knows his/her pot odds well will not give 4-1 odds on the bet. That is if the pot is $400, the player will bet $300. The player holding the over the cards will need to call $300 to win $700. The odds are roughly 2.25 to 1 and not 4-1, so it should be a fold. As this player has leaks, he/she calls chasing the over cards.  

When it comes to casino table games, you are playing against the house. The dealer or croupier has no influence on the outcome of the cards, dice or where the ball lands. Your leaks as mentioned above then become irrelevant.

So how do leaks in poker match up to leaks in Casino Table Games?

One of the worst leaks known in poker is tilting. That is a player not having emotional control over the way they are playing. The more a frustrated losses, the more the frustration increases. This can lead to bad decision making, and even frustrated moves that don’t really make any mathematical or valued sense.

In the casino, this is probably one of the most common leaks a player can have. In fact, desperation caused by lack of control over one’s emotions nearly always leads to making the wrong bet or call. Players will often bet more than they originally planned to try and win larger sums of money back.

For instance, imagine you went to the casino with $100 to play red or black even odds bets at the Roulette table. You told yourself you would only bet $5 a time. You then bet red all the way, but 8 out of 10 times black comes up. Frustration gets the better of you and start to bet $10, then $20 and then woops, all your money is gone. You stand around to watch for a while longer and then red comes in 9 out of 10 times.

Had you stuck to your plan, variation would have swung back in your favour. Frustration is the biggest leak a gambler can have, and it is evident in poker as well as in the casino. 

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