Thunderstruck II Progressive Slot Pays Millions

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Its 5 reels and 243-ways-to-win combination system combined with more features than you can shake a stick at has become one of the most played progressive jackpot machines on the market. Its reputation for paying out regularly combined with its constantly growing progressive jackpot has even challenged the popularity ratings of the millionaire making slot Mega Moolah.

When the 243-ways-to-win concept was first introduced to the slots scene it was a pay-line feature generally found on only non-progressive slot machines, but as the popularity of this feature grew so did the calls for a progressive jackpot machine with 243-ways-to-win. And so Microgaming came to the calls of thousands of slots fans and brought Thunderstruck II to the table.

Casino bonus codes were rampantly being used so players could get their taste of what has now been proclaimed as the progressive slot to play!

Thunderstruck II Slot Features

The progressive jackpot is most alluring feature due to huge multi-million 6 figure cash pay-out potential, but even without the progressive jackpot, this jackpot slot is still a huge cash ejector.

Spin in devastating scatter symbols that pay multiplier of your total spin bet, which starts at a mere 0.30 per spin. Players can jam in even more coins on the lines to bring the minimum bet up and bet max with a 300 coin bet. At the maximum coin value, players can bet up to 15.00 per spin!

During your session there are expanding wilds covering entire reels with wild symbols near enough guaranteeing that you’ll be paid one or more of the wilds linking up with other symbols and completing their combination.

Moving back to the scatters and they don’t just pay-out multipliers of the amount bet on the spin, they also launch a massive free spins round named The Great Hall of Free Spins. Here there is a choice of 4 free spins sessions with multipliers, increasing numbers of free spins and wilds spinning the reels and ejecting cash like a tap does water.

There is also a feature where players can unlock various bonuses to turn symbols gold and get paid even higher cash rewards than the standard pay-out combination. A feature that keeps players engaged as they build up their spins to eventually hitting win after win making this slot well worth the investment once the returns come flying back in.
Weighing up the entire Thunderstruck experience, it isn’t just the amazing number of features the game has, it is also the sound effects, brilliant 3D animations and the buzz of challenging the gods Valkyrie and Thor to be generous with the coins lodged inside their heavenly kingdom. 

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