UK Parliament Wants to Change Gaming Laws

By Debra SaundersGoogle
The UK Parliament has released its final report on the country’s casino games online industry and the laws pertaining to it. The report, which was written by members of the
Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, states that UK parliamentarians are unhappy with the current state of affairs and believe that the Gambling Act of 2055 lacks both consistency and evidence. Additionally, the MP’s expressed their belief that UK gaming laws as a whole are out-of-date and do not take the many technological changes and advances in the industry into account.
One of the biggest sticking points in the report related to gaming taxation. The Committee is in favor of placing a tax on the point of consumption, however they would like the Treasury department to collaborate with key players within the industry to determine the amount. The idea is that with new regulation and taxation in the country, fewer of the best online casinos will move their operations offshore.
The report also focused on the role of the UK Gambling Commission. It was called “an overly expensive, bureaucratic regulator.” The report stated that the Gambling Commission has not adequately managed its budget and costs, and is ripe with inefficiencies. An independent evaluation of the Gambling Commission’s expenses was recommended.  
Conservative MP, John Whittingdale, who leads the Committee stated that gambling was widely accepted in the UK as a “legitimate entertainment activity.” He went on to say that, “Our general approach in this report has therefore been to support liberalization of rules and delegation of decisions to those closest to the communities that will be affected.”

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