US Gaming Congress Meets to Discuss Online Gambling

By Debra SaundersGoogle

On May 16 – 17, the 16th annual East Coast Gaming Congress met in Atlantic City to discuss various hot topics in the gambling and online casino games industry. The conference hosts influential within the business and aims to provide a platform for ideas, concerns and visions for the future.  At this year’s conference, the issue of casino games online legalization in the United States was a main focus and several speakers took on the topic.

Richard Bronson, chairman of supplier US Digital Gaming, stated that he felt that the United States Congress is currently so divided along party lines that it is unlikely they will be able to pass any legislation on online casino games. He said, "In a Congress that can't agree on what day it is, the thought that they're going to agree to put casino gambling in every living room in America is ridiculous." According to Bronson, the solution is for individual states to tackle the issue of legalizing top rated online casinos and no deposit casinos within their borders.

Ray Lesniak, State Senator from New Jersey and sponsor of online casino games legislation spoke of how his governor's veto of a bill that had been overwhelmingly approved by the full New Jersey Legislature is now proving quite expensive. He stated, "We lost a whole year and hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been coming in to our casinos in Atlantic City." Lesniak is now focusing on another bill that will move online casino games legislation forward, with more cooperation from the governor.  

Eugene Johnson, a representative from Spectrum Gaming consultancy, stated that he felt there is significant movement within the industry and everyone is now looking to get in on the online gambling action. He said that European operators, US commercial gaming companies, Native American tribes and state lotteries have approached his company. He supported Bronson's view that within a few years, state regulated online gambling will become a reality in the United States. Johnson called online casino games "the wave of the future" and stated that mobile online casinos would be particularly appealing to young gamblers.

He concluded, "If you don't evolve with the future, you're going to be left behind."


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