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Within those laws, the use of any means of gambling online including living dealer suits would be illegal until such time the US government finds a solution that would mean they could govern, and let’s not forget the main reason – so they could tax – the online gaming industry. Obviously all under the pretense that they were “doing it protect the interests of those that gamble online”. Liberty and democracy at its finest!

It wasn’t just the US that caught onto this idea as many European countries would soon follow suit.

Since then the new laws have reinstated controlled online gambling where the activity (server) must be operated in an establishment that has been awarded a gambling license.

For some online operators just awarded the right, all this meant was running their servers from a casino in cities where gambling is legal; such as, Las Vegas (Nevada) and Atlantic City (New Jersey.

Live dealer suits then had a slightly different problem in the US. They needed more space and croupiers as well as dealers that have been scrutinized for integrity (the same process a casino would go through to hire a new employee).

Right now the liver dealer scene has made its way back to some online casinos in the US governed under very strict laws. With live dealers back on scene, the US gambling market is expected to make a full recovery. Some states are still not accepting online casinos across their wires, but it will only be a matter of time before they do because the tax base from allowing gambling is eventually going to something that is too good to turn down.

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