USA: Land of the Free? Just Barely! South Carolina Finally Legalizes Recreational Poker

By Maria McCoyGoogle


Back in 2006, the online gambling industry was shocked when the news story came out that 5 people were arrested in their home for playing a recreational game of poker and found guilty in the trial the ensued.  This didn't happen in communist China, it happened in good ol' South Carolina, USA.  Many questioned the seemingly ridiculous legislation and whether or not basic human freedom (to practice something recreationally in the privacy of one's home) was being blatantly denied.

Now, a law has been passed that now deems recreational poker legal so poker players in South Carolina can enjoy a game of poker in their home without worrying that the police might burst down the door and arrest them (?!) The law states that "Gambling in a private home where no house player, house bank, or house odds exist and where the house receives no part of any of the money or other thing of value... is not unlawful."  This law ends an antiquated 200-year old gambling law and is another step in the direction towards legalizing and regulating gambling activities in the US.

Most thought that this new wouldn't pass and when it did, it was by a slim margin of just 12-8. Therefore, no one is really getting ahead of themselves when it comes to any drastic changes in the state of South Carolina regarding legalizing online gambling. However, those who are optimistic see the fact that these old laws are being changed as a possible step towards legalizing and regulating online poker in the US. 

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