Using Casino and Poker Software to Get an Edge

By Maria McCoyGoogle
For some it is a lazy way to remember or retrieve information as you should be able to recall information from memory. Others believe that poker software is a god send that they just could not do without. Then you have the casino software that so many players rely on to give themselves more educated betting systems.

As for the poker massive, it’s a tough call as both arguments have their points. Personally I’ve always been a firm believer in using poker software when playing online. Poker software is in fact what brought me around to using casino software to help me, but more about casino software later.

The only good argument I have heard against poker software is that it is not good for your memory! Well at least, if you happen to also play live poker, then poker software can’t help you. Too many people are so used to their software doing all the work for them. That means they are not using their own math skills. This is true to some extent.

On the other hand, live poker is much slower and you are not playing multiple tables. Remembering the hands your opponent plays, little chinks in their game and how often a particular player c-bets or folds on the flop becomes a lot easier. You generally don’t need software to any of this. However, admittedly there are many players out there that will use poker software and not bother learning the math or the importance of learning about c-bet or folding habits.

All this being said, for a beginner, poker software is an educational tool. It can show newbies what they should be looking out for in their opponent’s play. They can also keep a check on their own play by noting how often they check, call, raise or fold and in which positions they do this. For those that take this one step further and learn how to do this in a live game, success in poker is closer than those that don’t use their poker software as a learning tool or a guide for their live play action.

In the end poker software is advantageous because it helps as an extra information tool when you are playing a much faster game of poker online. However, it can be harmful if players don’t learn from their poker software.

As for casino software the same principle pretty much comes into action. Live and online play will be a little different in terms of memory. The one things that you are looking to come out of your online casino software is variation. Up and down swings can be spotted by the software itself. It can also keep track of bets you have made, numbers, dice rolls, sections of the roulette wheel the ball has been landing on during the time you play.

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