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Vegas Dave is one of big sports bet winners in 2015. Dave won $ 2.5 million after betting $ 100, 000 on Kansas City Royals. There is no doubt he is among the happiest people in 2015.

After the Kansas City Royals were crowned as the World Series Champions 2015 after defeating the New York Mets, Dave also made history when he arrived at Westgate Las Vegas to have the $ 2.5 million he had won. The $ 2457200 payoff from a $ 100000 bet secured him a position in the big sports bet winners in 2015.

The win prompted Westgate to adjust its policy when it comes to accepting his bets. This is likely to affect the way most sports betting casinos conduct their business as far as accepting extreme bets and allowing players to place repeated bets are concerned. Vegas placed the winning bet in the first week when the company had provided odds as 30-1. Apparently, Westgate placed such high odds because Royals had not managed to win a world series for the past thirty years. However, Dave had much faith in this teams and he allowed the bet to ride.

During one of the interviews, Dave confirmed that it was not the first bet he had made this season. Previously, he had hit two robins amounting to $ 250000 and $ 40000 this year. The biggest pay day of his career was when he predicted that the Texas Rangers was going to thrash the AL West. Very few people thought this could happen because the Texas Rangers had 0.5 chances of winning the game. Even experienced gamblers would not encourage anyone to place a bet in the favor of Texas Rangers. The payout paid Dave $ 580, 000. To find out more about his wagers, you can check with his site to clear your doubt as well as establish the credibility of his statements.

Dave adds that he believed in Kansas Royal and saw something that most experts could not see when they suggested that the team would finish at the bottom. They decided to add + 3000 odds without knowing that they were on the wrong this time round after Kansas Royal ended up with the best record The play off against Houston is one of the games that made Dave to realize that the team had great potential. He notes that he had never seen such cool and calm players before. Most of them believed in one another and they had a depth in the pen. To him, Kansas Royal is team that determined his destiny because he believed in it even when others did not. Besides presenting the crown to the city of Kansas, this team made him to join the list of millionaires something he had dreamed about since he was a small kid. The next time you think about betting, trust your instincts even when experts seem to have a different opinion with yours.

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