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 Online there are an abundance of options available, and so the news column feels that the game is worthy of a mention just for those that have missed the fun concept of the game.

Normal video poker is essentially fixed limited 5-Card Draw with a single draw of the cards. It is actually a casino classic slot game and can be found in nearly every casino you enter as well as in the online casinos.

·         Video poker is a popular casino game

Apart from PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, you'll find that there is usually a virtual casino attached to your poker account. You can transfer cash over from your poker account into the casino. However, before you do, take a look around for bonus codes in our bonus code section. You may be able to take advantage by becoming a first time player in the virtual casino, and we guarantee that whatever we offer will be better than the casino's own deals.

Hand Rankings in Classic Video Poker

If you are an avid poker player, you'll know that most styles of poker require you to produce a 5-card hand at showdown. There some exceptions to this rule such Badugi or 3-Card Poker.

·         Standard 5 card hand rankings

Video poker machines use the standard poker hand rankings in which the Royal Flush rules the roost. If you hit this combination, you are in for mega jackpot payout. 

·         You only get 1 draw in this casino version of 5-card draw

Having just one draw is known as 'single draw poker'. You will receive your first five cards and after this you will only be able to swap them once. However, you don't need to pay for the additional draw as your original bet covers the both phase of the game. This is not the same as the original table version of the game 5-Card Draw because after players bet before and after they have swapped their cards out. When added with say 5 or 6 players together the game can get very tricky. 

How to Play Classic Video Poker

1. You select you stakes and press' deal' or 'cards'.

2. 5 cards will roll across your screen.

3. Each card has an option to hold. On most video poker slots t he machine will auto hold any hands you make, and some will hold any draws you have for a straight or a flush.

 For those machines that don't hold the cards you need to decide or remember to hold the cards that you want to keep for the draw phase of the game.

4. Once you have held the cards you want to keep, you press the 'deal' or 'cards' button once again.

5. The cards you did not hold will swapped out for new cards. For the player, the ultimate aim is to improve their current hand using the draw phase to do so.

6. If your hand qualifies according to the pay-out chart, you'll be paud out.

How does the betting structure work?

Essentially this is a slot machine especially when it comes to betting options. 

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