Video Poker's 5 Card Draw: The Game of Winners

By Debra SaundersGoogle
Poker is the world’s most popular game with million dollar tournaments hitting the poker rooms all over the world usually through Texas Hold’em and Omaha, but what of 5 Card Draw Poker?

5 Card Draw slots are becoming a more regular feature in many of the Las Vegas casinos as the poker tables are hauled out for more profitable prospects. The cause of this is partially due to Black Friday’s closure of the Full Tilt Poker website and the US government’s huge crackdown on online gambling sites across the nation. With this, US gambling is back to the pre-internet age with gamblers once again frequenting the casinos and local gambling dens for a punt.

It seems the internet’s powerful marketing prowess for poker has been crushed by new US regulation meaning games such as 7 Card Stud, Hold’em and Omaha are no longer attracting the punters into casinos, but poker lovers are not wholly struck out as the video poker s lots are filling up the floor space with an array of 5 card Draw machines for punters to sink their money into.

With this online 5 Card Stud poker machines a re also spreading their wings all over the virtual casino floors with so many different variations on the market it’s hard to know which machine to play.

The Basic Concept of 5 Card Draw Machines

All that’s needed for those using the 5 Card Stud machines is a basic understanding of poker’s five card winning hand ranking system.

You are dealt five cards after you make a bet and then you can swap out any or all five of your cards in a second deal in order to try make the best poker hand possible that will pay out according to the pay chart attached to the poker slot. In the midst of this more serious players will be calculating the correct move to make for the second draw as poker odds and outs are used to give the player a statistical upper hand.

Betting On Poker Slots

Some people will find at first that the way the poker slots use coin betting can be quite daunting, but actually once you bend your head around the multipliers per coin bet you can call yourself an expert.

The first thing you do when you get to a poker slot is select how much you want each one of your coins to be worth. For instance, $1.00 per coin. Then you select how many coins you want to bet on the next hand, so using the $1.00 per coin example above, betting 5 coins will mean you have wagered $5.00 on the bet.

How Does Betting More Coins Help?

Betting more coins means you get a better multiplier pay out. For instance, betting one coin at $1.00 and hitting trips could pay back three times the coin, so $3.00, but if you wagered 5 coins, for your 5 coin bet the multiplier is instead 15 times for the trips. So, if you get the set, you have 15 coins in return giving you $15.00 back on your bet.

High Stakes Vs Low Stakes Players

This may sound pointless as betting a single coin worth $5.00 would do the same as betting 5 coins worth $1.00 and this is true, for low stakes players anyway. However, for high stakes players, this is the perfect way to get as much cash into a hand as possible as coins have a max-bet of about $10.00 depending on the video poker slot you choose to play.

It’s not all bad news for low stakes players either as if you do happen to hit a Royal Flush then the pay-out multiplier is usually around 4000 times a 5 coin bet. Either way Video Poker is set-up nicely for high stakes players, and low stakes players still have some incentive to play higher coin bets.

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