Virtual Casino Bonus Code War: The Play-through

By Debra SaundersGoogle
It is no secret that the online casino industry is booming with the latest interactive graphics, some of the most enticing speciality games, and a host of table games that give extended odds all to satisfy our hunger for top quality gaming. On top of this, we are also in the middle of a massive casino bonus code war that gives us the power to take control, but how can you tell these bonus codes apart and are they what they seem?

The competition between the casinos is rife with all of them fighting for the largest market share of gamblers by giving us virtual casino goers the best gaming experience p ossible. With casinos fighting to release the very best games we all know that nearly every top casino is going to give us top quality and it’s true to say that most of them do.

This is partly because there are now multiple ways to stream slots and tables games allowing us to test the casinos gaming quality before we sign up, so if their games are not up to scratch then that casino’s client list will either shrink or experience stagnant growth.

Most of us take this opportunity to test the games and shortlist the best possibilities with the next step then being the bonus code. With the bonus code war now in full swing some sites are offering ridiculously high rates for example, 1000% deposit bonus while another site will offer a 333% first deposit bonus code.

Casino bonus codes are great, but they are not always what they seem initially because they have something known as a play-through attached to the bonus cash. Play-throughs can be anything between 5 times to 15 times the amount you were awarded.

Bonus cash is free, but you can’t withdraw it from the casino as cash until you have bet the play-through. For example, if you choose the 333% deposit bonus code the play-through may be 5 times, so you deposit $100 in which your bonus becomes $333. This bonus is usually paid out in increments according to your bonus codes play-through conditions. Let’s say the play-through is five times and the bonus is paid in ten increments of $33, so you need to wager $33 multiplied by the five times ($165) worth of bets for each $33 to be available as your cash.

This is why not all bonus codes are what they seem. The sit offering a 1000% deposit bonus may be offering a massive percentage paid back on your deposit, but if the play-through is 15 times then you are going to have to be 15 times the bonus amount before the bonus is released to you as cash.

Not all sites offer bonuses in increments and instead they add the bonus deposit money to your balance so you can start to bet immediately, but you will not be able to withdraw this as cash. This style of bonus means that once you run out of the free money you need to deposit more cash, which then gets stuck in your casino account. The reason this happens is because you cannot withdraw your own cash from the casino until you have paid of the play-through debt you owe for the free bonus money you were betting with when you joined up.

Bonus codes are the best way to send your bankroll into the green, but it is always advisable to check out the rules attached to them. No matter how good the deal seems, you should always look at what you are getting yourself in to.

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