Virtual Race Betting Raises Eyebrows

By Maria McCoyGoogle
When the bookies are closed, the racing is over and the football has been settled punters are flocking to the online casinos for more.

Today the virtual casino floors not only offer all the regular table games, slots and video slots, but they also offer the chance to follow your favoured horse or dog around the track or set up a football match between your most rivalled sides.

The revolutionary internet is a non-stop world of around the clock action in a borderless and timeless virtual reality and because of this virtual horse racing and virtual dog racing is as good as going to the bookies. In fact betting online offers an environment where you can feel more at ease while sitting in the comfort of your own home working the virtual tracks with odds on favourites, past results and racing form.

All the familiar betting systems at a click of the button

Go into the bookies or log onto your casino room and you will find the racing bets on offer are exactly the same. On top of this, if you want to have a punt on the British, Aussie or US system of betting you can just find the casino that offers you the system you are looking for find a decent bonus code to play the speciality games and sign up. With the bonus code you could be in store for some big pay outs if you decide to bet big with your free money and win.

Amazing graphics while you follow your horse

If you already a member of one of the reputable online casinos you may already have come across the opportunity to give the horse racing or have a flick on the dogs and if not then it is definitely worth a look.

 In the past race bet games used to be a simple system of betting on the horse you think will win and then watching a bird’s eye view with an arrow or marker on your horse. Well! How things have changed, which is largely thanks to the software developers designing virtual casino games to give us the customer exactly what we want.

Now after all bets are down the race is off with virtual traps that spring open to get the race underway. As soon as the horses or dogs are on the track you get an almost real to life 3D camera view of the race with several views to choose from all with superb PlayStation 3 and Xbox quality graphics. In addition, some casinos also have live commentating accompanying your virtual race with the stomp of the animal’s feet and the cheer of the crowd all in crystal clear sound if your computer has the capability. The experience is nothing short of being as close to watching the real thing as possible.

All in all the idea of virtual racing has come a long way since it was first introduced to the virtual casino world. Since then their popularity grew and the gaming experience enhanced largely thanks to the fact that it is a competitive world out there and the casinos have realised people love to bet on the racing be it live on the TV or in a virtual match up on your computer.

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