Washington Legislators Warm Up to Online Gaming?

By Debra SaundersGoogle

There are a number of problems that experts believe the legalization and regulation of online gambling can solve – the most obvious one being the problem of illegal gambling.  However, it is not just regulation that has lawmakers in Washington beginning to warm up to the idea of legal internet gambling; it is taxation.

The biggest problem that legalizing and regulating online gambling can fix, albeit partially, is economic.  The American economy is currently in bad shape.  Legal online gambling can be a direct solution in the form of tax revenue on the state and federal levels.  It can also be an indirect solution in the form of thousands of potential jobs that could be created by an American internet gambling industry.

Beyond the monetary side of things, illegal internet gambling is itself a problem.  Anytime millions of American citizens regularly perform an activity that is against the law, something is very wrong.  The offshore gambling is unregulated and unsupervised, which leaves American citizens vulnerable to fraud.  A regulated local industry would protect the players and provide a safer playing environment. 

Lawmakers are generally hesitant to support liberal gambling legislation because of the issue of problem gambling.  However, what many don’t realize is that the problem is greatly exacerbated by the clandestine nature in which online gambling currently takes place.  Precisely the legalization of internet gambling will allow people to gamble in a safe environment in which they can openly seek help in case of need.

The big question remains if Washington legislators can look past preexisting stereotypes about gambling and work together on bipartisan legislation for the benefit of their constituents, or are we going to see the same futile arguments being regurgitated again and again. 

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