What Does Amaya and PokerStars Mean for the USA

By Maria McCoyGoogle
With Amaya Gaming already providing poker software for companies such as U-Bet and U-Poker in the New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada markets, this is PokerStars way into the US market.

PokerStars quickly dominated the US market years ago after overtaking PartyPoker, which was the most popular online poker site at the time that PokerStars first started its purely poker online network. The brand name is still cherished by millions of poker players in the US, and with the possible return of PokerStars to the US market, American poker players will be itching at their feet just waiting to see what Amaya plan to do.

A whole new array of US bonus codes will hit the market all associated with Amaya Gaming. Now the big question right now that many people are asking is this – will Amaya introduce gambling and other real money gaming to the PokerStars gaming network?

The probability is low because the whole marketing angle of PokerStars has always been focused purely on poker, but we can probably expect some kind of interlinking features that will mean casinos that use Amaya Gaming’s OnGame network will have access to the PokerStars client and be able to gain more revenue by directing their players to the poker client.
Aside from the fact that the world market will benefit from this massive purchase for Amaya, it is the US market that is the main focus.

Check out the video below where many of the stars that represent PokerStars or poker in general have said that the buyout is a great day for poker and that it looks good for the US players because it negates the problems that PokerStars has had with a re-entry into the US online gaming market.

There were rumours that PokerStars would soon be available in the state of New Jersey and Nevada, but since then we have only seen WSOP, 888, U-Poker, Borgata and PartyPoker enter onto the scene absent of any appearances from either Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars. However, with Amaya’s current relationships with the US legislative gambling powers that be, there should be a deal coming soon that will see the PokerStars make a huge return.

With that Amaya Gaming also has a hold on the land-based gaming market for slot machines and bingo machines. This could mean that the PokerStars LIVE cash game scene could make its way into the US casinos via Amaya’s casino contacts. Amaya offer full provision of gaming machines in casinos as well as turnkey solutions, so it would come as no surprise that once the brand name PokerStars hits the online market and starts to make a name for itself, then Amaya will begin the push to dominate the cash game table side of the land-based casino cash games!

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