What is Multi-Accounting?

By Maria McCoyGoogle
Collusion occurs when several players work as a team each using their individual poker accounts to get an edge over the other players at the same table while communicating their hands using real time chat software. The only difference with multi-accounting is that one person uses several poker accounts on the same website.

In fact multi-accounting is probably the most profitable way to play when compared to collusion. Firstly, one person gets to keep the winnings. Secondly, the player doesn’t have to rely on other people’s accuracy or availability. Thirdly, rather than communicating hands with other players the one player multi-accounting can see all their cards immediately.

Even though this may sound like a great plan, it is immoral and if you are caught, you’ll be ban from the poker site and your funds will be frozen.

How it works…

One player signs up to multiple accounts on the same site with each account registered to a different name. The user will also use several different IP addresses to disguise the fact they are playing all accounts from the same location.

The multi-account trickster will then seat two or three of their screen names at the same poker table, usually a cash game. From here the player will be able take a mathematical edge over the game.

The Mathematical Edge…

For example, if you have three of your accounts sitting at the same table, you know about six cards pre-flop whereas your opponents only know about two cards. When you are faced with a raise you can eliminate cards from your opponents hand if you already know one of your multi-accounts is holding that card. The advantage is mathematical because you can calculate your outs and win percentages with more accuracy.

Squeeze Plays…

Another advantage is that the multi-account player can squeeze play to take down large pots built up through pre-flop raising. The multi-account player can go into the pot using two accounts versus one legitimate player going into the pot unaware of the trickery in play. The multi-account player can then raise the pot to aggressively squeeze out the lone player and take down the pot.

Better Percentages

As a poker player you may be aware that when you are wired with aces, the more players that go into the pot against your hand reduces the odds of you winning. The squeeze play particularly benefits from this. If a legitimate player has raised and the multi-account player tries a squeeze play, the odds of winning or cracking a big hand are higher than if that player was using a lone account.

What happens to multi-account players caught?

Multi-accounting is something the poker websites are very strict. Most of the time these players appear as if they are several different players, so they are seen as colluders if caught. Either way colluding or multi-accounting are one in the same in the eyes of the virtual card room hosts, and so the result is a lifetime ban.

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