While South Africa Moves to Legalize Gambling They Ban All Online Casino Activity

By Maria McCoyGoogle


South Africa has recently ruled that all online gambling activity is illegal.  Players who gamble online from South Africa risk a heavy penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a R10 million fine (around 1.2 million USD).  While the new legislation seems to be a bit out of nowhere and the penalties somewhat extreme, it seems that this is only temporary as the South African government plans to regulate and legalize online gambling and to offer online gambling licenses to South African online casinos.

In 2008, the country passed The National Gambling Amendment Act which was the first step to legalizing and regulating online casino activity in the country.  Until then however, all online gambling activity will be considered illegal and violators of the law will be prosecuted. 

Piggs Peak Online Casino company has appealed to the South African Supreme Court, challenging the law that affects South African players.  The company is located and regulated outside South Africa.  Their appeals were futile and essentially fell on deaf ears, despite their many efforts.  The court has ruled that until the government has implemented new legislation which is set to include licenses to operate online casinos in South Africa, all online gambling activity, regardless of jurisdiction, is considered illegal. 

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